One bored Saturday recently I decided to create an Android App.

I wanted to create a Blackjack trainer with a configurable strategy that individual users could tailor to their own needs, deciding what they should do on any particular combination of cards dealt.

Blackjack Joe was born.

Google Play

Despite Kotlin (and even it’s predecessor, Java) being a new language to me, I was surprised how easy it was to get in to the swing of things and quickly gain a sixth sense of where things should go and how the code should be structured. It’s comforting to know the principles of software engineering truly do transcend programming language and syntax.

It was a lot of fun! (with only two or three banging head against the wall moments…)

The initial iterations looked terrible, very much focused on the backend functionality!
Next came some optional settings and basic graphics… starting to look a bit nicer.
Introducing real card images was a game changer, re-focusing my efforts on the frontend.
Finishing touches added, ready for the Google Play Store!

Signing up to the Google Play Store as a developer and submitting the App was almost as involved as the creation of the App itself. It’s amazing how much work Google have put into the Google Play Console. Most notable is the automated testing on App submission, including videos and detailed feedback of any issues encountered.

It seems I have a bit more work to do before I can consider my App complete…

A mere 34 issues to resolve, including 7 crashes!

Update 10th March 2020: Current status on the Google Play Store: Pending Publication

Fingers crossed!

Update 12th March 2020: Errors and Warnings resolved, and it’s LIVE!

Blackjack Joe
I’m in good company looking at ‘you might also like’. Oh and I reviewed my own App, 5* 🙂

Update August 2020: I’ve had some amazing feedback from users, a bug report here or there, but mostly positive reinforcement that the App works and some suggestions for new features.

Six months after the initial launch and we’re ranking top 3 for the major search terms “blackjack strategy” and “blackjack trainer“, we’ve had over a thousand downloads and getting regular purchases of premium mode.

Must be doing something right!

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