We’ve all been in this situation, where a stakeholder requirement is hazy, it’s worded vaguely and/or the acceptance criteria don’t make sense.

The common routes in this scenario:

  • “I’ll move the ticket back to Blocked”
  • “I’ll do it this way, that’s probably what they mean.”
  • “I’ll write a long email, with lots of examples, to guess what they might mean.”

The alternative is to just pick up the phone.

Yes, it means you have to talk to a stakeholder.
Yes, they might be very busy. They might not know the answer.
Yes, they might even question why you don’t know this already!

However, the alternative of building the wrong thing and having the conversation one week before go-live is a much scarier proposition.

A brief phone call can solve a problem that would take the exchange of ten emails.

Photo by Berkeley Communications on Unsplash.

Published by Joseph McDermott

A certified Magento solution specialist with twelve years experience leading ecommerce development projects, converting complex problems into elegant technical solutions.

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